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LV Performance has been the leading supplier of horse supplements and supplies to trainers and equestrian centers since 2015. Since then, we've expanded our companion pet line to include supplements for our feline and canine pets. 

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Being able to offer only the top supplements to the equine, feline and canine community is what we love most about LV Performance. We carefully choose each formula, and brand, to bring only those products that will be most beneficial to the pet owners we serve. We see too often that many companies will simply try to capitalize on an industry that is, at times, vague in its description and regulation of products. At LV Performance we recognize that if we truly love animals, then we must use the utmost scrutiny when choosing the products we offer to our beloved pets. 

Supplements can make a big difference in our beloved fur-friends health, looks and performance but, of course, they are not magic potions. They cannot make up for poor management or nutrition, cure serious physical ailments or reverse the aging process. When you shop smart and with a clear purpose in mind, however, supplements can round out our pets diet for optimum health.

Please remember, the supplements offered, and sold by LV Performance are not intended to act as replacements for vaccinations, antibiotics, dewormers, or the advice of your veterinarian.    

We'd love to hear from you, please email us any comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you.