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Barrel Racer Kristin Yde closes in on first, keeps her eyes on the prize

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Just three months into the 2017 barrel racing season, and Kristin Yde is once again among the top barrel racers on the circuit. She’s keeping her focus on making the finals of the International Professional Roping Association this year.

“I would really love not only to make the finals but to win it. I’m sitting in third place as a rookie right now,” Yde said during a recent interview. “I’ve never joined their association, so by their standards, I’m considered a rookie.” has sponsored Yde for the past year. The “rookie” is the 2016 National Champion Barrel Racer in the Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association, the Carousel Farms 1D Champ, and with her horse, Smokin’ Mack Frost, also picked up the 2016 Southern Roping Association Champ and Horse of the Year title.

Her weekends already are looking packed as she travels throughout the southeast to rodeos, eyes on the prize. As of April 3, she’d climbed to the number 2 spot in the IPRA World Standings.

“I pretty much rodeo about 49 weekends every year. But it’s something that has been my dream for 15 years,” she said. “My horse is really good, and he’s really one of a kind. Smack is 14. A lot of people are kind of shocked when they find out how old he is.”

With the heavy summer rodeo season just a few months away, Kristin’s plan is to find the best haul route, hit the best rodeos with the best prizes, and keep Smack in the best condition possible.

“I am obsessed with my BeneFab,” she said. “It’s a mesh and magnetic sheet. It’s got ceramic and magnetic therapy. I also use the Draw It Out liniment after runs and when I’m hauling really heavily.” Kristin, is this name right?

The BeneFab by Sore-No-More Rejuvenate is made up of ceramic nano-particles nd individually pocketed magnets that reduce recovery time, promote blood circulation and increase oxygen flow. Together with the liniment, it creates a non-invasive dual-action therapy to relieve pain and inflammation.

“I was really excited being sponsored by because they carry everything under the sun that’s horse-related,” she said. “I love not only for the BeneFab but for all the products they carry.”

Shapley’s is newest addition to the product lines of

Shapley’s Superior Equine Grooming Products are the most recent additions to the LV array of horse grooming lines. The entire product line is available for shipping across the United States as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.“We’re excited to be working with Shapley’s, one of the oldest and well-respected makers of horse grooming products,” said owner Anabella Muergers. [...]

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Where did all these flies come from?

True Fact: There are more than 120,000 different species of flies in the world. If you’ve ever faced an inundation of the flying marauders, it might seem like every one of those species has invaded your barn and pasture.As the weather warms, fly control becomes a bigger challenge. The best approach to the war against this equine enemy is [...]

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LV is proud to announce that it has added the Equsani line of supplements and horse care products to its stock. Equsani’s digestion supplements and hoof and skin care products are available from LV Performance either in store or online.“We are proud to be offering the Equsani products to our clients,” LV Performance owner Anabella Muerger said. “We [...]

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Barrel Racing Champ and 2015 All Around Cowgirl Trudy Holloway on Great Gut

Travelling the rodeo circuit, I’m frequently asked about Great Gut. Any kind of performance can be a hassle on a horse’s system. Great gut has been my life saver. I haven’t come across anything else that covers the basics like it does.When you’re on the road back to back for competitions, horses can get picky on their feed or [...]

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High-performance horses and the joints

In the warm climates across the country, competition seasons are getting underway, and our equine athletes are well into their training.Nothing is more incredible than watching the beauty of a 1,000 pound performer maneuver gracefully through a dressage course, or the power of seeing a jumper clear new heights! But that perfection in competition didn’t come without hundreds of hours of [...]

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Sand colic – an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure

A rider coming from the northeast to Florida asked the riding community what hazards she should be aware of in bringing her horse to Florida.The number one answer by far was sand colic. Sand in the digestive tract can lead to numerous problems from minor discomfort, diarrhea, weight loss, and if severe enough, sand colic.South Florida has been extremely [...]

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LV Performance sponsors Dressage Standout Kim Herslow

LV Performance is proud to announce it has signed on as a sponsor for dressage rider Kim Herslow, a member of the 2015 U.S. Dressage team and the gold medal winning U.S. Pan Am Dressage team.Herslow is expecting a big season of international competition this year with Rosmarin (aka Reno), and a string of other horses competing in the Wellington [...]

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The most interesting man in the world – knows horses

American actor Jonathan Goldsmith is best known as “the most interesting man in the world.”But it’s easily said that the most interesting man in the equestrian world – and a guy who’s generated just as many memes – is George Morris. The legendary American trainer and judge has been training top riders for decades, and each year top [...]

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Meagan Davis and Royale gear up for international competition

As the 2017 dressage season is fast approaching, Meagan Davis has her sights set on returning to international competition with Royale. It would mark a return for both of them to the international level after a year off.The huge Oldenburg gelding spent last year recuperating after having a keratoma – a tumor of keratin - [...]

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