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Shampoos & Conditioners

The main types of shampoo available for horses vary depending on the needs they satisfy. You might be looking for your horse to have a splendid sheen – or maybe you’d just like to keep your horse clean and free of bacteria with a medicated shampoo?

For example: Cowboy Magic Shine-In Yellowout is utilized for neutralizing yellow stains, although it will successfully brighten all colors of hair such as black, chestnut and palomino to name just a few. This product is not made for wet hair.

Gallop color enhancing shampoos are uniquely formulated to intensify natural coat color and sheen without the use of dyes.  Gallop shampoos contain color enhancers and optical brighteners.  These luxury shampoos comes in four colors: Grey, Black, Bay, Chestnut & Palomino.