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Wearable Therapy

Because we expect a lot of our equine athletes, the BeneFab product line-up is the perfect way to reward their efforts while maintaining their athletic integrity.  The ceramic infused fabrics soothe sore muscles, prevent and reduce swelling and, when used prior to exercise, prepare the body for work and decrease warm-up time.

The Western, Dressage, and  All Purpose Saddle Pads each use FAR-infrared rays to relax the back while promoting the reduction of pain and stiffness.  These saddle pads are the perfect complement to any of the Sore No-More liniments  and gelotions. 

The saddle pads can be combined with either a liniment or gelotion to create a non-invasive, synergistic, dual-action therapy that has been proven to relieve pain and inflammation, increase circulation and relax muscles.