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Caring For A Horse's Eyes

Your horse's eyes are very important parts of their bodies, and a key factor in their overall health. How you support your horses involves how you care for their eyes (and all of the rest of them) on a regular basis. We want to help. Our catalog has a lot of what you can use to keep your steed in stellar shape all year round.

Causes of Equine Eye Problems

One cause of eye problems in horses is excessive flies gathering on your horse's face. They have a limited ability to shoo away these pesky pests. Flies can carry all sorts of germs and contamination that can eventually lead to inflammation or other results.

There's also the dust that’s so ubiquitous in a lot of farm and stable environments. It may be coming from the straw or matting, or from the horse’s hay or feed, or from something else in the environment.

For instance, high pollen counts can be a problem, too. Just like your allergies can be inflamed by a high pollen season, the same is true of your horse. It’s a good idea to be reading the air quality advisories in your area and acting accordingly, because if there’s one thing your horse doesn’t need, it’s a pollen reaction.

Looking At and Treating Horse Eye Conditions

Look on Google, and you'll see horse owners asking if they can use human eye drops on horses. The answer is usually highly qualified – yes, you can, but should you? Talk to a veterinarian first…

Horse products are carefully formulated for the equine body and anatomy. It's not advisable to just try to use whatever you have on hand to help your horse's eyes feel better.

In addition, some veterinarians suggest that you have two major choices – you can flush the horse’s eyes with water, or provide a therapeutic treatment in some form of eye drops.

Flushing with water might be okay, but it's a bit more labor-intensive and there's some margin of error. Having a concentrated eye cleaning product seems like a more efficient and more effective way to go.

Equine Eye Care Products

That's why we carry Curicyn Eye Care Solution and other products as part of our horse care catalog. Check it out – and get all of the other gear you need to keep your horse happy, healthy and ready for action. It’s all part of offering the best equine supplement and health store with the integrity that our customers need to be confident in our products, and in their ability to run an excellent stable.