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Dealing with an Anxious Horse

We might not think of Mr. Ed sitting down with the psychiatrist – but today's horses often do need help with anxiety and stress.

Part of the stress may have to do with the horse’s workload and lifestyle. Racehorses, for example, are under tremendous pressure, and even workhorses can be pretty well maxed out at times by what's required of them.

Other types of horse anxiety come from problems like feeling isolated or other situations where the horse feels unable to cope with its daily environment. Horses that experience a loss of vision can feel anxious. In reality, the anxiety can come from various places.

Problems with Horse Anxiety

Some of the secondary problems that come with high anxiety levels in horses are also warning signs to look for if you're worried about your horse being the anxious type. Anxious horses tend to be underweight, and may develop coat problems, as well as gastric ulcers. Excessive tooth grinding may be a symptom of high levels of stress in a horse.

Over time, these problems can compound. Anxiety and stress can even compromise the horse’s immune system, making this a problem to watch out for.

A Range of Solutions

At LV Performance, where we have put together a vast catalog of equine supplements and remedies, we have quite a variety of products to help you handle an anxious horse.

As you go about diagnosing the problem and figuring out how to treat it, you have different options at your disposal. We have syringe and bucket products, and others that come in different forms, like capsules. We have different brands and formulations with elements like tryptophans as well as natural vitamins like calcium and magnesium.

In fact, some of our anti-anxiety solutions are similar to other vitamin mixes that provide for more general equine health. Calcium and magnesium themselves are building blocks of many different types of dietary supplements for horses and other animals (and humans, too) to balance out their inner chemistry in ways that support health for the body and the mind.

It's easy to browse our modern e-commerce store and get what you need from a company dedicated to keeping your horse in top condition both mentally and physically. Be sure to ask us any questions about pricing, shipping, or your horse and how our products can help. At LV Performance, we want to support your horse for as long as he or she is with you. That’s our commitment to quality of service in this exciting field, where quality can make all the difference.