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Holidays and Horse Stress

In the heart of the holiday season, our homes and yards and even some barns are decked with festive lights. Everyone is sharing Christmas cookies or other goodies. Did you make time to see a holiday parade? Perhaps you and your horse even rode in one!

Now that the holidays are over it is time to get your horse back to work. This time may be a little too stressful for your horse. To minimize work overload, try to keep your horse on a regular routine as much as possible. Despite all the demands on them as we come back to working and showing, a little extra time spent in the barn can be soothing for you both.

Although we humans love indulging in holiday treats, resist the urge to share the leftovers with your horse. Yes, they love sweets too, but there’s enough sugar to satisfy them in an extra carrot or two. Also, there are cookies, minty muffins and holiday muffins formulated especially for your equine friend. 

Remember, the horse’s health begins in the gut. Fortify your horse’s resistance to stress with a good horse probiotic, and we hope everyone has had a happy holiday!