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Insect Control To Help Horses

Insect Control To Help Horses

If you think flys and insects are annoying, try being a horse. What these animals have to deal with to keep insects away is just unfair. Luckily some options can make things a bit easier on your horses. The three main types to consider are Feed Through Solution, Fly Masks, and Repellants. Depending on your horse and the severity of the insect situation, one of these options should work well.

Feed Through

If you want to take a break from sprays, you can add these options to your horse's diet. The odors will keep flys and bugs away. The main ingredient is garlic. In addition to the odor that will keep pests away, the manure odor will also be reduced to keep flies away. These products are not going to hurt your horse's gastrointestinal health in any way; in fact, they will very likely help keep your horse healthier. You may not need to add these supplements to your horse's diet all year long, adding it in the warmer months may be enough.

Fly Masks

A fly mask on its own will not be a complete insect solution. However, combining a fly mask with another insect control is going to help reduce the difficulties your horse will face during the fly season. You can combine a fly mask with a feed-through or repellent to get a complete solution.

Fly masks are going to cover your horse's face and keep the flies out of the eyes and nose. The fly mask is basically like a break your horse can take from dealing with the fly situation. Ideally, your other protective solutions are working to reduce the fly population overall; however, when things are terrible, give your horse a big of a reprive and use the fly mask.


The third method of fly prevention is fly repellants. These are usually sold in the form of a spray or a wipe, and they are intended to last for a reasonable amount of time. Most fly repellants are going to be weatherproof and sweat resistant. Depending on the product you choose, you will have to reapply every few days or weeks. Most repellants will work for mosquitos in addition to flies. Since mosquitoes are capable of carrying disease with them, it's essential to help protect your horse whenever possible. Fly sprays and repellants are quite useful; however, some people do not like to put these products on their horse's coat. There are natural solutions if you are worried about using chemicals.

The most important thing to remember when taking care of your horse and the insect or fly problem is their comfort. You do not want your horse to be uncomfortable or in pain at any time. Although some of these products can be adding another cost and more time to your day, this is truly about the health and well being of your horse. We carry a full line of products that will help keep your horse healthy and stress-free at all times of the year.