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“Mane to Tail” Care Everything for Your Horse on One Site!

“Mane to Tail” Care Everything for Your Horse on One Site!

Our majestic steeds are great and impressive beasts, with noble symmetry. They also need special kinds of care and attention to feel good and look good throughout the course of their lives.

LV Performance offers all sorts of equine products, from supplements to shampoos, that help you keep your horse in top condition. Whether it's a racehorse, a workhorse or a personal riding horse (or a pet horse or pony), you can get everything you need for your equine care toolkit right here!

Taking Care of Joints and Muscles

Over time, your horse can experience joint problems from all of the hard work that he or she does routinely. This is abundantly true for racehorses, for example. We have liniment gels and other kinds of products that can alleviate pain and discomfort as your horse rests and keep him or her in good shape in the field when it's time to work. A key thing to remember is that there are two different broader categories of joint care. One is for the routine types of joint stress that are normal and natural with heavy work. The other is for chronic conditions that arise over time that may need more in-depth treatment. Whatever it is that you need for your horse, we can help!

Digestive Aids

There's also a wide body of equine care products based on your horse’s diet and how they digest their food. Many horses can struggle with digestive issues and products like our Cool Gut dietary formulation can help. Check out this and other products that can help with your horse's digestive system. For example, a range of prebiotics and probiotics are hot right now in the equine world; horse owners are figuring out how these supplements can really improve horse health. Ask us for more details on these winning formulations.

The Beauty of Shiny Coats

Sometimes there's a cosmetic component to how you take care of your horse.

We have the ointments, gels and lotions to help keep your horse's coat spotless. Take a look at our Coat Defense Spot Drying Paste, or Bye Bye Itch Lotion, for excellent ongoing stable care. The stable routine in the evening can be a great time to apply these products in a calm, relaxed setting.

For anything that you need help with, don’t hesitate to contact us. At LV Performance, we share your passion for horses, and that’s why we built this top of the line equine ecommerce site – to help you!