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Reasons to Prioritize Flea and Tick Treatment for Your Pets

Reasons to Prioritize Flea and Tick Treatment for Your Pets

It can sometimes be difficult to make the time to get to the pet store or vet to purchase flea or tick treatment. In situations like this, however, it's important to order medications online and still make it a priority to give these preventative medications to your animals. There are several serious issues that can develop if you don't keep your animals treated with these medications, including the following:

Flea Contact Dermatitis

In many situations, a flea biting an animal can cause an allergic skin reaction. This reddened, itchy rash can be very disturbing for the animal, leading them to scratch, chew on their skin, or pull out their hair. This can be caused by a single flea bite, or it can be caused by the animal being infested with fleas. Ongoing flea and tick prevention can help keep your pets from dealing with this type of uncomfortable skin condition.

Tapeworm Risk

Fleas are part of the tapeworm life cycle and are necessary for these worms to spread to your pets' digestive system. A tapeworm can be somewhat difficult to detect, and can also cause serious issues with the health of your pet. Tapeworms can also spread from one of your pets to the others, leading to even more difficulty. This infestation can be quite serious for your pet’s health, so it's best to prevent it at all costs by treating your animals with flea and tick prevention. These medications can be applied topically or can be given in an oral dosage.

Prevention is Cheaper than Treatment

If your pet gets a tapeworm, has a bad reaction to a flea bite, or winds up with heartworms, the treatment that they will require in order to be fully healthy will be quite expensive. On the other hand, flea and tick prevention medications are fairly inexpensive, easy to administer, and don't require a vet visit. It's far easier, less expensive, and healthier for your furry companion to prevent an infestation in the first place than it is to treat one after it has occurred.

It's vitally important that you take the time to regularly administer flea and tick preventatives to your pets, whether they are indoor or outdoor animals. Doing so will help keep them happy and healthy, preventing serious diseases and discomfort. It will also help keep you from needing to treat your home for fleas and can save you quite a large deal of money over the lifetime of your pets. Visit LV Performance online today to view our wide selection of dog and cat flea preventatives, so that you can begin treating your furry friend with the care they deserve. Set up this important healthcare routine today, so that you can keep your pet healthy for a lifetime.