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The Role of Equine Supplements

The Role of Equine Supplements

Can't my horse just eat anything?

Yes, we've heard that before, and sadly, many horse owners don't quite understand how horse supplements help to refine the equine lifestyle by working with a horse’s anatomy in particular ways. But knowing about how these health aids work can really help you to optimize a farm or stable plan.

Here are some of the key ways that supplements play a role in protecting your horses’ health.

Immune System and Respiratory Supplements

The horse's respiratory system is critically important for horses that do hard work on a regular basis. Whether it's a race horse, riding horse or a workhorse, cough and other related issues can really impair their performance and bother them quite a bit. Secondary conditions can also result involving allergens or excessive dirt or dust in the horse’s environment.

Respiratory aids help to fight off these kinds of conditions to help optimize your horse’s health and wellness. Think of these as an agent for helping the horse’s body to fight off contaminants that he or she encounters as a matter of course in a stable or other outdoor area.

Probiotics and other Dietary Aids

If your horse is acting up, it could be because of changes in his or her gut.

Just like us, our horses thrive based on a careful balance of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. However, for the equine, that equation is a bit different. Many of our supplements are designed to alleviate problems with excess bacteria or other imbalances in the horse's digestive process. This can alleviate various problems with gas, bloat and digestive irritation, inflammation or distress. Ask us more about how particular products have helped our customers’ horses to beat a range of challenging conditions.

Joint Supplements

The joints of a race horse really take a pounding. In fact, many different types of horses tend to suffer from joint problems as they age, partly because of their unique mobility and the time that they spend galloping, trotting and otherwise traveling around.

So as with human joint supplements, our equine joint supplements help to preserve the relationship with a joint’s cartilage and other tissues to avoid more severe health problems down the road.

Take a look at all of the products we sell to help with your horse’s health. In addition to everything that we talked about above, we have vitamins, products for hoof care, and much more! We are able to provide competitive shipping and quick and easy delivery of the stuff that will benefit your horse for the long haul.