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Three Common Respiratory Triggers for Horses

How is your horse's breathing?

This is a question that veterinarians and horse owners address more commonly than you might think. Horses have various types of vulnerability to allergens, and other triggers of respiratory distress or disease. Some of these can pop up suddenly, with troubling symptoms that can be relatively hard to diagnose. After all, your horse can’t just tell you what’s wrong!

Knowing about these potential horse health problems helps you to take better care of your horse over time, and anticipate some problems that may develop in your horse’s care.


Different types of mold often found in agricultural settings can irritate your horse’s breathing and create respiratory problems. Mold can build up in hay or in other materials around the stable or barn environment. This is especially a concern with higher moisture levels in a barn or indoor space.


Horses can be sensitive to pollen during a spring season, or wherever high pollen counts are evident. This can lead to coughing and excessive mucus, or other related respiratory problems. Different types of antihistamines often have less of an effect on horses than they have on people, but some have been useful in treating pollen-related allergies in horses or ponies.


Stables and barns can be dusty places. Dust naturally builds up on surfaces, and as old wood and other materials degrade, they can produce their own dust and debris as well.

Best practices include cleaning the barn and stable on a regular basis, and changing hay or other material that is laid down frequently.

In addition, horses benefit from a lot of sunlight and outdoor fresh air, as well as high-quality food and clean water.

The right time to deal with your horse's respiratory problem is before it turns into a full-blown catastrophe. Being vigilant about your horse's health pays off over time – it's part of responsible ownership, and your horse will thank you in its own way.

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