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Tumeric for Horses

Most of us are familiar with Tumeric.  Some of us have either used it, or know someone who had used it as a supplement to treat arthritis, or other inflammatory conditions. Turmeric is root plant that’s part of the ginger family, and has been shown to support an increase in the gastric wall mucus production, which helps protect the stomach lining and heal ulcers; a healthy immune and respiratory system; and for the treatment of sarcoids and other skin conditions.  Turmeric contains one primary active ingredient, called curcumin, which is a chemical.  While curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical, nonetheless it is still a chemical because it has an effect.

So what does all this mean, and can my horse benefit from a supplement containing tumeric?  Human studies have shown that curcumin reduces inflammation and pain by inhibiting COX-2, but not COX-1 enzymes. This is important because drugs that inhibit COX-1 enzymes (such as bute and other NSAIDs) can decrease the natural, protective mucus lining of the stomach, potentially causing intestinal bleeding and ulcers—especially if used long-term.  All we all know we don't want our horses to suffer from an ulcer!  

Performance horses are known to suffer from some degree of osteoarthritis or inflammation in the joints or soft tissue, and turmeric may be a good option to support healthy cartilage, synovial fluid in the joints, and pain management without compromising the mucus lining of their stomach.

Studies have shown that taking turmeric alone is rapidly metabolized by the body once ingest, and that very little gets absorbed. But research has found that feeding Omega 3 fatty acids in conjunction with turmeric can dramatically increase its absorption, and adding piperine, an extract of black pepper, appears to further increase the bioavailability of curcumin. It’s believed that piperine affects certain digestive enzymes, allowing more time for the curcumin to be absorbed by the body.  

We are pleased to offer a unique equine turmeric product called TumeriGOLD. This product uses a highly concentrated, extracted form of turmeric and includes Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as Bioperene® standardized piperine black pepper extract to help maximize the benefits of tumeric.  While other turmeric products often only provide 1% curcumin, fifteen grams of TumeriGOLD is all that’s needed to ensure your horse will receive the full, therapeutic benefits of curcumin.

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