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Wound Care For Horses

What's important to remember when treating a horse for a wound?

Some basic common-sense applications can make a lot of sense.

Horses get wounded in various ways. They will bump against things or gallop past something that sideswiped them, or fall on a rock in a field. Regardless, these tips can make a difference.

First, many veterinarians talk about how a moist wound is a healthy wound. Sterile appointments and sterile gauze help to provide the right environment for healing.

Soothing Applications

It's also a good idea to have soothing agents in the ointment itself. This helps with eliminating various kinds of irritation that might happen as the wound heals. The soothing agent is the part of the medication that helps with pain symptoms – just like a pain pill would be for a human patient.

Non-Toxic Solutions

Although many of the best equine wound care products help with pests, it's also a best practice not to include toxic pesticides in these formulations. Again, having pure and clean wound care applications helps the horse to heal better over time.

Antimicrobials and Surfactants

Here's another quick tip coming from veterinarians who have treated horses for decades. First, they promote the use of antimicrobials for horse wound care. This doesn't have to be a complex chemical formulation – these antimicrobials can be in the form of natural substances like honey.

The use of surfactants, meanwhile, controls how the ointment is applied to the wound and how the horse responds.

For a great application to lacerations or other horse wounds, try our Farmer’s Wife Belly Salve.

This non-toxic formulation does not include caustic chemical pesticides, but helps with ticks, and helps to heal fly bites quicker than some other types of topicals. Soothing agents are built in, and the Farmer’s Wife Belly Salve can also help with hair growth around the wound. It's a typical practice to cut hair near the woman when preparing for topical applications.

Always get a vet’s opinion first for more serious wounds!

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